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Due to the current Covid pandemic, we will unfortunately not be conducting physical meetings at our usual location. This year’s program will be a combination of virtual on-line meetings using Zoom software and outings maintaining physical distancing. 

From September to May, there will be two Zoom meetings held per month on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month covering a variety of topics consisting of:

  • Presentations
  • Member nights
  • Demonstrations
  • Photo evaluations

We also intend to have 1 outing each month. The location and set up of each outing will be done in accordance with social distancing requirements stipulated at the time by the various health departments and levels of government. 

Please review the SCC Google Calendar regularly as event times and locations (where appropriate) are subject to change as the itinerary and pandemic restrictions fluctuate. 

We are looking forward to seeing you both on Zoom and at the outings. 


To switch calendar views, select among the Week, Month, Agenda tabs at the upper right of the calendar.

To move between weeks or months, select the blue arrows at the upper left of the calendar.

To see details of a meeting or event, click on the event item and a detail popup will appear.  For further details click on the “more details” link in the event popup window and this will open the full Google calendar in a new tab with all the details that have been written about the event.

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