The Scarborough Camera Club holds four submissions for competition in various divisions and categories during the club season.  The results of the competition, along with commentary, will be given at the returns meeting following the judging of the submitted photos.  At the end of the club season, a Salon meeting is held where the names of the yearly award and the Salon competition are announced.

Scarborough Annual Salon Awards

Rules of Submission

Only work which has been submitted in the in the competition season is eligible for entry into the salon. Images are allowed to have been reworked.

Number of Entries

An exhibitor may enter a maximum of FIVE projected images and FIVE prints in the salon competition.

The entries may be spread over all of the CATEGORIES in that DIVISION. Only a maximum of THREE entries may be made in any single CATEGORY

Awards will only be given in those CATEGORIES where three members have entered.

The print DIVISIONS will be combined unless each DIVISION has three or more entrants.

The Jane Mucklestone Trophy will be awarded for the BEST PROJECTED IMAGE in the salon.

The Print Trophy will be awarded for the BEST PRINT in the salon.

Other Salon Awards

Second and third place entries in each category will receive certificates

The best projected image and the best print in the novice class will receive certificates