The Scarborough Camera Club holds four submissions for competition in various divisions and categories during the club season.  The results of the competition, along with commentary, will be given at the returns meeting following the judging of the submitted photos.  At the end of the club season, a Salon meeting is held where the names of the yearly award and the Salon competition are announced.

Competition Awards

Points are awarded for submissions based on the “Melbourne System”.  The competition will be presided over by a panel of three judges. Each judge is allowed to award up to ten points per submission.  Judges shall be drawn from a pool outside the Scarborough Camera Club when possible.

Judges Comments:  Because of their importance in aiding the photographer to improve their work the judges will be asked to comment on how the submission could be improved. These comments will be recorded as well as possible and read back at the returns of submission meeting.

A member can request that their images be provided a score only, comments only, or both score and comments. 

Melbourne System Points


20-21 or any judge giving 8 or more HM

22-25 or any two judges giving 8 or more SILVER

26-30 or all three judges giving 8 or more GOLD


18-21 or any judge giving 8 or more HM

22-25 or any two judges giving 8 or more SILVER

26-30 or all three judges giving 8 or more GOLD

“The intent of the Melbourne System is to stop one judge from destroying the score (for example 8+8+3=19) and also to reflect that maybe one judge saw some merit in what otherwise would have been a low scoring entry (for example 4+4+8=16).”

Return of Submissions

After judging, all images submitted to the competition will be viewed at the next Returns meeting, where the judges’ comments and/or scores will be announced.  The member’s name will only be announced if an award has been given.

Return of Submissions

In order to be eligible for an Annual Award a member must have submitted a minimum of five entries within a CATEGORY in any one DIVISION by the end of the year.

Standings in each CATEGORY in a DIVISION are based on the average of the score of top five entries made by an individual during that season.
Awards are limited to CATEGORIES in a DIVISION where three or more persons have entered a minimum of five images. (See exceptions on the last page)
To be eligible for an award, the average of the five submissions must be:
  • 18 or more for NOVICE
  • 20 or more for EXPERIENCED