The Scarborough Camera Club holds four submissions for competition in various divisions and categories during the club season.  The results of the competition, along with commentary, will be given at the returns meeting following the judging of the submitted photos.  At the end of the club season, a Salon meeting is held where the names of the yearly award and the Salon competition are announced.


Below is the link to the Submission Form that can be downloaded for printing and/or completed for submission.  The Submission Form must be completed as per the instructions provided below. 


Click the link above to open the file.

The file may be printed to be completed by hand or can be filled out electronically.  A sample completed form is included here for reference.

Insert your name below Member Name at the top.

Insert your membership number below Member # at the top. 

Next to each submission number, insert the Division entered (e.g. Projected Images, Colour or Monchrome Prints), the Category (e.g. General, Nature, Special), then the Image Title. 

If you’d like to receive a score and/or comments from the judges, check the boxes indicated Score and/or Comments.

Click File – Save As and name the file appropriately

E-mail the saved file together with your pictures to:

Submission Rules

Entry Rules

Only members in good standing may submit entries for competition.  Once submitted, an image may never again be submitted in a SCC competition.  The image is, however, eligible for submission in that year’s salon.

Once submitted as a projected image, a print from that projected image may not be submitted in the same year. Likewise, once a print is submitted, the projected image from which it originated may not be submitted in the same year.

Number of Entries

A member may enter a maximum of FIVE images in each competition. 

The entries may be spread over all of the CATEGORIES in a DIVISION.  A maximum of THREE entries may be made in any single CATEGORY.


There are two classes of members, NOVICE and EXPERIENCED.

Novice:  A novice is an member who has not yet achieved an average of twenty points or more on five entries in a particular DIVISION.

A novice may accept assistance at any stage in the preparation of their work.  They are encouraged to develop enough experience and skill to work on their own.

NOTE: A member may be classified as EXPERIENCED in one DIVISION while remaining a NOVICE in another.

A member may at any time request to be classified as experienced, but having done so may not revert back to novice.

Experienced: All work entered by an EXPERIENCED member must be done without assistance.

Form of Print Submission


Prints must meet the following dimensional limits.

The minimum print dimension, excluding matte, is 4”.

The minimum matte dimension is 8”.

The maximum dimension of print including matte is 20”.

Prints will be viewed in the same orientation as the text on the back, unless otherwise indicated.

Form of Digital Submission

Submission Photo Sizing

In order for your submissions to be displayed at the maximum resolution and size, images should resize to match the projectors resolution.  Use your image editing software to re-size and save a copy of your photo based on the following requirements:

Landscape Orientation
– Maximum 1920 pixels on the long side
– Note: The short vertical side should be 1080 pixels or less.  This side can be longer but the projector will resize your photo to fit its own maximum of 1080 pixels.

Portrait Orientation (including square photos)
-Maximum 1080 pixels on the long side
– Note: The short horizontal side should be 1080 pixels or less. 

SAVE the image as a jpg file and name your image according to the following format:    
Member #_Category_ Title of Photo.jpg

E-mail Submissions

E-mail your images for each competition, along with a PDF copy of your completed submission form, as ATTACHMENTS to:  Your email should identify who you are and what competition you are entering.

If you do not have Internet access, copy your image files to a memory stick/card and bring them with you on a submissions night to the club meeting.